Our Core Values

We are committed to the accomplishment of our mission, adherence to our values, and the belief that employees are our number one resource. We expect all employees to support and commit to our values.


Building a foundation of trust through honest and ethical behavior

Deliver on our promises
Be accountable for our actions
Be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us


Investing time, knowledge, and resources for the betterment of our communities

Be involved, be generous, and volunteer
Grow individually and as an organization with our community


Dedicated to customers, co-workers, and community

Exceed customer expectations
Be committed to and proud of our work
Contribute to the team and support the efforts of others


Actively involved in the lives of our customers, co-workers, and community

Strive to understand customer need
Value internal and external relationships
Be respectful, put others before yourself
Support our family-focused work environment


Striving to provide the greatest product, knowledge, and service to our communities

Be creative
Be proactive, not reactive
Create value for our customers
Embrace change to stay one step ahead of our competition


American State Bank and American Investment & Trust employ over 100 employees and manage over $800,000,000 in assets.


We have 8 locations across Iowa and South Dakota: Sioux Center, Alton, Alvord, Hull, Hospers, Granville, Orange City, and Sioux Falls. American State Bank is the largest bank in Sioux County and the second largest agricultural bank in Iowa.


We are locally owned & support many community projects and organizations.


In September 1913, American State Bank was originally chartered as Hospers Savings Bank in Hospers, Iowa, and became insured 11.1.1934.


In 1936, Hospers Savings Bank opened an office in Granville, Iowa.


Kermit Wagner of Schuyler, NE and some associates purchased controlling interest of Hospers Savings Bank. They formed a holding company registered as Hospers Agency Company on 10.12.1971.


On 06.15.1973, Hospers Savings Bank Charter was moved to Sioux Center, Iowa, and began business in a mobile bank building. At the same time, the name was changed to American State Bank. Assets were $8,900,000 and American State Bank was recognized as the fifth largest bank in the county.

"We didn't want people to get the impression that the bank could be moved overnight. I got some bridge boards from the home farm and put them up against the trailer, and then hauled in dirt and put that around the trailer. We also built a cement porch with a roof on the front of the trailer"
- W. Dale Den Herder


We opened for business at our present location, 11.28.1975.


Controlling interest of Hospers Agency Company was purchased from the Kermit Wagner Heirs, 11.16.1984.


The holding company was changed to Ambank Company, Inc. on 6.1.1986.


American Investment and Trust was formed in 1993.


The Alvord branch was opened in November 1996.


In 2004, the American State Bank location in Hull was opened.


In 2014, American State Bank in Sioux Center was expanded with a large addition.


On July 20, 2015 American State Bank merged with Community Bank in Alton and Orange City.


January 19, 2016 the Sioux Falls, SD branch was opened. This is not a typical branch for American State Bank, it focuses on technology and has a much more modern feel.

W. Dale Den Herder

Chairman & CEO

“Having a bank charter is a privilege. But you have to not only do well for your stockholder and your customers; you also have to do well for your community.”

Award Winning Service

American State Bank continuously works to provide the best, most secure service to you – both online and onsite.

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Dear Valued Customer,
I would like to personally thank you for visiting our new website, as you can see we have rebuilt our website from the ground up, making it more user friendly and functional for our customers. We are excited about the changes this will bring to American State Bank and our customers. Our goal is for this website to be an extension of the bank and we want you to feel just as comfortable as you would when you walk in our front door. We truly appreciate all of our customers and their business.

Here at American State Bank our services are driven by the needs of our customers and we want you to have access to our banking products whenever and wherever you need them. We feel that it is important to deliver products that protect our customers and their information onsite as well as online. Again, I want to say thank you and we trust that you will share in our excitement about our new website.

Stanley W Speer